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Goodbye Flickr

Goodbye Flickr, originally uploaded by BidWiya.

Goodbye Flickr
The time has come…
This is extremely hard; Flickr has become a part of me, a part of my daily routine. Today I must say to everyone that I will no longer be a member of this inspirational website.

I have shown during my membership here a portion of myself. Some things even I didn’t realize I knew. This experience has indeed made a huge impact in my life – this was the first time I exposed to people, in courage, what is deep inside me. Courage doesn’t always roar as you might have noticed – it sometimes is a quite voice. I was able to take out what I abandoned within…

I’ve been a member of many Groups but I must say the ‘Literacy Reference’ group was my best. My pictures were chosen every now and then... and oh how that makes me smile!

I say that life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. To all my friends here, Arabs and non- Arabs, you have made me believe in myself with just writing the simplest comment. A simple act but to me was like a mammoth gift tied with graceful ribbons that I loved untying every time I logged in. How a kind word can make our souls shine?...and to those who wrote me a testimonial, each is a treasured gift.

This is very sad and hard for me, but I cannot turn back the pages of time. I will always try to relieve the happy moments in Flickr…moments I will cherish forever…
At the end I say that the Bedouin girl will leave but hope that her memory will not leave the hearts of members here..
I hope I left footprints in all hearts and wish everyone the best!

“I must leave now…
I have to find the next oasis or I’ll die in this desert…”
- BidWiya

Uploaded by BidWiya on 21 Dec '05, 3.59am CET.

ver: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bidwiya/75779093/in/set-68561/


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