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Tryittues-dayweek7, originally uploaded by alice fox.

Uploaded by alice fox on 19 Jul '06, 11.20am CEST.
Vale la pena más de una visita a su set.
mi post sobre el collage: http://anavb.blogspot.com/2005/07/programa-collage.html
y link: Man Ray

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  1. # Anonymous alice fox

    HI Ana Thanks for the present ! I think Man Ray find it a great idea, yes I follow always my feeling and emotion's and see when there come's a idea, it grows when i am busy , i associate a lot and i talk talk talk talk a lot ! hihi
    I am blushing, i hope you blush with me!! I really come along more here. And wish you a very good time on Flickr.and lot's of fun!!
    Hughs Els Vos from the Netherlands !  

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